Alberta PNP: Self-Employed Farmer Stream

The AINP Self-Employed Farmer Stream aims to attract farm owners/operators who plan to live in Alberta in order to purchase and manage their farming business.
Minimum Requirements
Self-employed farmers must meet the following minimum requirements in order to be eligible to apply to this stream:
  • • Prove that they have farm management skills with:
    • • Financial documentation of existing farm business;
      • Proof of education, training, and/or work experience;
      • A proposed business plan for Alberta farm; and
      • Proof that a Canadian financial institution will finance farming venture in Alberta.
  • • Prove that they have sufficient financial resources for this venture:
  • • Prove that they will invest in a primary production farming business in Alberta:
When Not to Apply
Candidates should not apply if they are:
  • • Refugee claimants, or individuals involved in a federal appeal or removal process;
    • Live-in caregivers currently residing in Canada;
    • Temporary Foreign Workers working and residing in a province other than Alberta;
    • International students studying in Canada and doing co-op work placements or internships as part of their study program.