US EB5 Investor

The EB5 being the only open program that leads to attaining a US Green Card, is immensely popular amongst wealthy industrialists and entrepreneurs who would like to settle in the United States. With investment amount starting $500,000, which would be invested in one of the USICS certified Government Regional centers across the country. Your investment amount shall be used for developing real estate and by creating 10 full time jobs, thereby aiding the US economy. Our company’s primary motto is to ensure you and your family are established and settled in your dream destination.

Minimum Investment Amount : USD$500,000
Processing Charges : USD$65,000

Benefits of EB5 Investment:

  • • No language, educational, professional or age prerequisite;
    • No business training, management requirement;
    • Processing time 2 years;
    • Work, Live, own a business or a property anywhere in the USA;
    • Take your spouse and unmarried children below 21 years with you;
    • Avail almost all health, education and PR benefits as a US national

EB5 Investment Process :
  • Step 1 - Confirming your eligibility
    We need to confirm you as an “accredited” investor in order to show you any of our investment options. This is required by Regulation D of the US Securities Act of 1933. You are required to pay a consulting fees of INR 50,000 to initiate the process of determining your eligibility. During the assessment process, you shall be required to disclose personal details relating to your finances. The answers to these questions are crucial to determining your eligibility.

  • Step 2 – Identifying investment options
    Once confirmed as an accredited investor, we will identify and present the best investment options for you. You shall select the investment option which appeals the most to you. In general, the investments options are the same, as they are commercial real estate projects, where the starting investment bracket is $500,000.

  • Step 3 – Preparing your visa petition
    We shall help you collect the required documents and information (birth certificates, tax returns, etc.) and shall prepare your visa petition. This process usually takes 2-3 months to compile. Usually the most cumbersome is collecting proof that the source of your $500,000 investment was earned legally, which involves tracing the money back seven years.

  • Step 4 – Making the Investment and Filing your petition
    We will file your application (your family will be dependents on your application). The results of the petition filing take 15 months on an average to come to a decision. Thus, after filing the petition, the investment amount shall be transferred to the investment project. If the result of the visa petition is negative, the investment amount shall be refunded to you. If it is positive, we will file a visa application for you and your family and will schedule a visa interview at the US Consulate. We will prepare you for the visa interview along with preparing your visa file. Once approved, they will provide you become a US permanent resident (Green Card holder).

  • Step 5 - Confirm your visa responsibilities
    Approximately two years after your approval, the project you invested in will send through reports of the job creation. We will file another visa petition proving that your investment created the required number of jobs in the given duration and shall apply for an Unconditional Green Card. Upon review and approval by USCIS, they will replace you’re conditional green card with the permanent green card which only requires renewal (like a passport) every 10 years.

  • Step 6 - Completion of the investment
    The investment continues separately and will be repaid per its own terms. We typically work with an approximately five year term and attempt to return the investment earlier, but each project is different. The investment must be at-risk per USCIS requirements, and no guarantee can be made as to its return of or return on investment.