Prince Edward Island PNP: Business Category

The Business Impact Category considers experienced business managers and entrepreneur applicants with vision, strong leadership skills, and determination.

This immigration category is composed of the following three streams, each with their own set of eligibility requirements:

100% Ownership Stream
Investors who plan to assume full ownership of a PEI business by investing in and actively managing the business are eligible for this stream.

Partial Ownership Stream
Applicants who plan to assume partial ownership (at least one-third) of a PEI business through investment and involvement in the day-to-day operations of the business are eligible for this stream.

Work Permit Stream
The Work Permit Stream targets applicants seeking to transition faster to life in PEI. Applicants under this stream can start a new life and business using a temporary work permit, which enables them to enter Canada and become familiar with the business in which they will be investing prior to being nominated by Prince Edward Island. The temporary work permit is issued by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), not the PEI PNP.

Priority Streams
PEI relies heavily on its core industries to create economic value. As a result, the province is limiting its nominations by prioritizing applications involving the following:
  • • Creation or expansion of an export-oriented business
    • Business that utilizes primary sector resources from agriculture, fishery, or forestry sectors
    • Business that helps to economically diversify rural communities in PEI
    • Business that develops PEI’s emerging innovative sectors: bioscience, information technology, aerospace and renewable energy

Business Eligibility
The Business Impact Category considers applications only involving businesses that generate revenue through the sale of goods or services at arm's length to third parties. This excludes businesses with the primary purpose of deriving investment income, real estate operations, loan investment companies, and other non-active investment.

Applicants are required to demonstrate, in the business plan, that any and all credentials and/or licenses required to start or purchase the business have been met.