Saskatchewan PNP: Entrepreneur Stream

This sub-category is designed to attract entrepreneurial talent to the province of Saskatchewan. Candidates interested in owning and actively operating a business must submit an Expression of Interest using the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) online EOI system.

The Nomination Process :
There are three steps to the nomination process
  • Step 1: Submit an Expression of Interest to the SINP
    Prospective immigrants indicate their interest in residing in Saskatchewan and operating a business in the province by providing information about their entrepreneurial experience, assets, and Business Establishment Plan, among other factors, in an online survey. Those candidates who meet the minimum entry criteria will be accepted into the EOI candidate pool where they are ranked according to selection factors on the points criteria grid and given a score.

  • Step 2: Invitation to Apply
    Candidates are selected from the EOI system based on their score. Selected candidates are invited to apply to the SINP under the Entrepreneur immigration sub-category. Candidates then undergo the verification process. Those who pass this stage will be issued a SINP Entrepreneur Approval Letter, which will convey support of the applicant’s request to IRCC for a two year temporary work permit with which the candidate can reside and work legally in Saskatchewan while he or she implements the business proposal.

  • Step 3: Nomination
    Once an applicant satisfies the conditions of the Business Performance Agreement he or she can apply to be nominated by the SINP for permanent residence.

  • Minimum Investment Requirements
    An investment will be considered eligible if it is essential to the establishment and operation a new business, or to the purchase, improvement and operation of an existing business. Some investments may consider eligible within limitations.