Industry Sectors

The businesses we present to our investors are all established businesses in Canada, spread across several industry sectors with a reliable and stable financial and operational history.

Minimum Investment Amount - $95,000 and more

Canada is known for its strong financial and accounting service sector in the world comprising of numerous banks, insurance companies, mutual fund companies, brokers etc. Toronto is the leading financial service centre and the financial hub among other cities in Canada. The market share of Business services providing Financial and Accounting Services have increased significantly, as compared to other sectors in the Canadian market. These businesses that are extending a wide range of services ranging from: Bookkeeping, Cloud Accounting, Incentive Counseling, Filing of Professional and Personal Tax Returns, Compiling year-end Financial Statements, Payroll. The Finance and Accounting Services sector are the second largest in the world and clients who work within these sectors currently have a great opportunity to invest in small or medium sized Canadian Finance and Accounting franchises. Moreover, Canadian banks are also considered as one of the safe investment options and a symbol of economic security.

Minimum Investment Amount - $95,000 and more

The essence of a good business lies in how it brands and markets itself. Invest in a Marketing and Advertising franchise and become a part of this progressive Canadian sector. There are several domains that these companies expertise in ranging from: print and television ads to Social Media Marketing and creating branding strategies. This is a thriving sector for professional marketers seeking a new niche to deploy their ingenuity and creativity in. Internet has become the major contributor towards advertising revenues but still consumers also consider traditional medium such as newspapers, magazine, etc. as trustworthy. Even if the other industrial sectors change but the advertising industry will continue to flourish. Currently, the online media is the fastest growing market in the world. Moreover, demand for the advertising, marketing or promotional services comes from business ventures dealing in sales of consumer products, entertainment, telecommunications, etc. Even the small companies compete through the medium of advertising and marketing.

Minimum Investment Amount - $40,000 and more

Canadian government follows a strict policy framework which is managed by Health Canada. And Canadians are known to be very prudent about their health and wellbeing. The Health and wellness industry is an enormous sector for Canadian investors as well as consumers. The products and services of this sector are not just limited to wellness clinics, but extend further into fitness centers, spas and beauty clinics providing therapies for rejuvenating skin and hair ailments and treating oral hygiene. Another large sub domain of this sector is supplements and health products which are immensely popular within the Canadian market. These supplements range from vitamins to energy products aid the overall wellness of individuals. Moreover, with more businesses entering into the market to lower the health care costs, different wellness programs are expected to boom. With aging population in Canada, health concerns are also rising and health awareness is also given more importance. The demand of health and wellness products is on the hike and companies promoting the products are likely to gain positive reaction in the Canadian market.

Minimum Investment Amount - $125,000 and more

Approximately 97% of businesses in Canada are either startups, or small to medium sized businesses. In a competitive market scenario, most businesses consult a subject matter expert. If you have an expertise in a business function ranging from Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Branding, Technical Skills or Soft Skills you can invest in a consulting firm extending your domain knowledge and experience. These up and coming businesses are seeking your advice and are willing to pay you well for it. This is a lucrative franchise option where you can minimize the cost of investment by setting up a home based consultancy firm. Owning a consulting business is one way to enhance your expertise and creativity to find solutions for the problems. The business service sector plays an important role in the Canadian economy and the business environment of Canada is extremely advantageous for foreign investors.

Minimum Investment Amount - $55,000 and more

When narrowing down on an industry to invest in, it is crucial to know the services that are in demand. Franchises offering cleaning services to a wide spectrum of clients have always been in demand. With an opportunity of catering to commercial and residential clients, unique promotional strategies and simplistic business models; the cleaning industry is a lucrative choice to invest in. The cleaning industry is the fastest growing industry and it is expected to grow in the near future as well. Moreover, the investment into the Janitorial service industry requires low level of capital intensity. Cleaning service is something that every home, office buildings, hospitals, hotels etc. needs and so there are hardly any barriers to enter into the cleaning industry. Moreover, many businesses are outsourcing their in-office cleaning services which contribute towards the growth in the industry.

Minimum Investment Amount - $45,000 and more

One of the proliferating sectors that have seen phenomenal growth in the past decade is the Child care industry. Several franchises catering products and services for youngsters, ranging from day care centers to specialized skill development and learning institutes are popular across the country. If you believe in investing into the future generation and amplifying their development, this is a perfect industry for you to secure a franchisee in Canada. Moreover, the need for child care products and services has increased following the changing needs of the people. And high quality child care products and services play a vital role in the Canadian economy.

Minimum Investment Amount - $86,000 and more

The automotive industry is currently one of the most interesting sectors to invest in with all the attention Canada, especially Ontario, is receiving from the top automobile manufacturers. With the intriguing combination of cutting edge technology and ingenious technical and creative minds; several industry experts, private companies, universities and institutions are partnering to create the next generation of automobiles. These automotive franchises that is popular across several communities in Canada, span from mechanic shops to workshops and dealerships. Under NAFTA and free trade agreement among the European Union, Canada enjoys access to some of the largest automotive markets in the world and also seize new market opportunities. Even the liberal government in Ottawa is experiencing rise in the demand and expects a growth in the automotive market following its promises made during the election campaign. Even the automotive suppliers are gaining global importance in the automotive industrial sector.

Minimum Investment Amount - $55,000 and more

The Canadian culture is essentially focused on the idea that learning never stops. Education is a prime benefactor of enabling individuals to enhance, upgrade and learn new skills with the objective of attains a different level of success. From young adults to skilled professionals, individuals in Canada bank on stable and focused institutions to assist them in improving their abilities. There are a wide range of franchisees available in this sector offering the opportunity to learn specialized skills, sports, languages, learning techniques and other ambiguous skills required to attain success. Moreover, to remain competitive in the global economy, Canada requires investment to maintain its quality of education all over the country. In today’s competitive market, education and training plays an important role in securing jobs as well and so the demand for educational products and services are expected to rise.